Introduction to Prover Products

Leading Processes, Languages and Software for Control and Signaling Engineering

The Prover iLock Process is based on PiSPEC and Prover iLock, and covers the entire application lifecycle, from specification to revenue service and future updates.
  • Improve operator/supplier relationship
  • Ensure standards compliance
  • Go formal!
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PiSPEC enables specification engineers to capture their signaling know-how using the leading, unambiguous and proven formal language.
  • Ensure clear requirements
  • Overcome specification problems
  • Document tribal knowledge

Application engineers use Prover iLock to automate coding, simulation and formal verification, based on their PiSPEC libraries.
  • Win more bids
  • Increase engineering bandwidth
  • Improve safety, consistency and reliability
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Prover Plug-In is a family of proof engines software components, licensed to formal verification developers via OEM agreements.
  • Reduce R&D costs and risks
  • Meet capacity and performance requirements
  • Leverage from the leading brand
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