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Meet our Leadership team

Our Railway Consultants has Unmatched Experience of Designing and Verifying Rail Control Systems

Prover leadership team

Prover´s leadership team has unmatched experience in formal specification and verification of rail control systems and wide-ranging experience from international software industries.

Anders Lindén


Anders Lindén joined Prover in 2016. Anders has extensive experience from managing international software companies. Mainly within telecommunications, internet and big data. Anders has experience from managing businesses in Northern America, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Lindén holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering from the University of Linköping.

Arne Borälv

Chief Strategy Officer, Exec VP

Arne Borälv joined Prover Technology in 1995 and has held positions including Chief Technology Officer, President of Prover Technology subsidiaries in France and the US, and CEO (2010-2016). Mr. Borälv has extensive (+20 years) experience of industrial application of formal verification, including automotive, avionics, railways and semiconductors (EDA).

During his time as CTO at Prover Technology, Mr. Borälv led the creation of the company’s unique product portfolio for development of safety-critical signaling and control systems in railways. During his time as CEO, Mr. Borälv led the company to a profitable venture, and launched the Prover Trident solution.

Mr. Borälv holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Olav Bandmann

Chief Technology Officer

Olav Bandmann joined Prover Technology in 2006 and is the Chief Technology Officer of the company, in charge of the company’s R&D and technology.

Mr. Bandmann holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Stockholm University.

Jesper Carlström

VP Project Delivery

Jesper Carlström joined Prover Technology in 2008, and manages the company’s Solutions team. He is in charge of customer services and customer solutions delivered.

Mr. Carlström holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Stockholm University.

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