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CEO at Prover Technology. Joining Prover in 2016, Mr. Lindén brings experiences of managing international software companies to our company.

Embrace the latest evolutions of design automation – SDA Forum 2018

If you are involved in designing and safety assessment of signaling systems, then the Signaling Design Automation Forum 2018 is something for you! Using Design Automation The conference will be focusing on Design Automation and Formal Methods, where leading Infrastructure Managers and suppliers from around the world (such as RATP, NYCT, SL (Stockholm Metro), Siemens [...]

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How to build the Business Case for an Interlocking Design Automation investment

Interested in a modern Interlocking Design Automation process? As with all investments you then need a compelling business case to justify the decision to move forward. To build a business case, we compare traditional methods for developing signalling applications with a state of the art process based on formalized specifications and automation tools. Experience shows [...]

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Signaling Design Automation Forum on the 15th of May 2018

Involved in Designing and Safety Assessment of Signaling Systems? Then the Signaling Design Automation Forum 2018 is something for you! The Signaling Design Automation Forum is the event to embrace the latest evolutions of design automation – software technologies to automate design and verification for railway signaling systems. The conference will be focusing on Design Automation [...]

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Are ‘Hackatons’ the New Way of producing Innovative Ideas for the Railway Industry?

On the 8th of December, HS2 Ltd and the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) will be holding a 2 day ‘Hackaton’ in order to share ideas and concepts to expedite delivery of High Speed Two (HS2), one of the largest modern infrastructure projects in the UK. The best ideas will be selected to go through to [...]

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Justify Investment in Modern Rail Control Solutions

Software for automating the development of signalling control solutions is critical for fast, cost efficient and safe development and deployment of modern rail control solutions. Business case for rail control solutions To build a business case for software automation for rail control you should compare traditional methods for developing signalling applications with a state of [...]

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Formal Methods for Railway Interlocking

In the early days of railway history there were no interlocking systems. It was considered enough to have personnel at the train stations manually observing trains and operating signals. The need for automatic signalling eventually became evident: human beings tend to make mistakes, which can lead to serious accidents, and the capacity of railroads was [...]

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A New Way of Thinking for the Railway Industry

There is a need for a modern approach if infrastructure managers are going to keep up with the future demand. Capacity must increase, preferably fast and cost efficient, and be delivered with a high service level to meet the demand of the future traveler. In the article Is ‘outside-the-box’ thinking enough to implement new rail [...]

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When the Future is tied to the Railway Industry

Caltrans (The California Department of Transportation) recently released a research report that details the impact of the railway industry on the states economy. The report is an early research product supporting the 2018 California State Rail Plan and provides an overview of opportunities for how railway can address the states needs and challenges in the [...]

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Prover proud member of UNIFE

UNIFE is an organization for the European rail industry, the Association gathers over 100 of Europe’s leading rail supply companies and it also brings together 14 national rail industry associations of European countries. UNIFE members have an 84% market share in Europe and supply 46% of the worldwide production of rail equipment and services. UNIFE [...]

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We are looking for Developers!

Are you talented, ambitious and enthusiastic? Do you want to contribute to a sustainable and safe world? Then keep on reading! We are now looking for Developers that demonstrated an interest in advanced techniques such as formal methods, logic, parsers, formal specifications or similar, either by having a MA/PhD degree, or by having done similar [...]

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