About Arne Boralv

CSO and Exec VP at Prover. Mr. Borälv has been both CTO and CEO of Prover, and has over 20 years of experience of industrial application of formal verification.

The RSSRail conference 2017

On November 14-16th, the RSSRail Conference was held in Pistoia, Italy. The conference brought together researchers, engineers and academics from the rail industry, who are interested in building critical advanced railway applications and systems. Our Chief Strategy officer, Arne Borälv, was there to represent Shift2Rail and Trafikverket. In November I attended the RSSR2017 Conference on [...]

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Shift2Rail – The Work Package on Formal Methods and Standard Interfaces has Started

Back in March this year I wrote about a work package on formal methods and standard interfaces, led by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket, and part of the European Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint Undertaking. Since that time, the proposal for the overall project that includes this work package has been submitted and become approved, and the project started [...]

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Shift2Rail – the initiative for Formal Methods and Standard Interfaces

Formal methods and standard interfaces will be the topic of a work package within the European Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint Undertaking, which includes all major European signalling system suppliers and a number of infrastructure managers. This work package is led by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), who is a founding member of Shift2Rail. Prover is proud [...]

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