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Why Formal Verification – Verifying Safety Requirements on Railway Systems

The subject I am going to write about this time is not an easy one. I will try to explain why formal verification is good. In particular, why it is a good practice to use formal verification when verifying safety requirements on railway systems. The Verification Problem In order to make a convincing argument, I [...]

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Performance issues with formal verification

We've all been there, waiting for the theorem prover to answer. Getting up for a cup of coffee, bugging a colleague... still no answer. This can be standard behaviour when doing formal verification. The requirements are difficult to prove, the system manages to escape into some dark corner not easily approached by the theorem prover. [...]

By |2018-06-05T13:51:24+01:00April 17th, 2018|Formal Methods|

The Structure of Specifications

In my last post I wrote about how to write a decent specification on a quite general level. This time, I like to return to the topic, trying to be a bit more specific and tell you something about how we at Prover like to do things. In the Prover Trident Process, the specification of [...]

By |2018-04-18T13:50:28+01:00April 11th, 2018|Software Development|

How to Write a Decent Spec

Anyone who has given it a go knows that writing specifications is hard work. In fact, at times it seems almost impossible. Which probably is the reason why the practice of using specifications is shunned and dodged whenever possible. Which is bad. However, if one finds oneself working in the field of railway interlockings, they [...]

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