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Case: Developing digital twins for the Stockholm Metro

When the Stockholm Metro set out to upgrade their rail control system, they contacted us at Prover to assist with the transition. Stockholm Metro’s system consists of a central traffic management system and a relay-based vital and non-vital signaling system distributed over several relay rooms. The plan is to replace the mechanical control panels used [...]

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Your guide to successful rail control projects

If you want to enable safe and reliable rail transportation while making the best use of available infrastructure, implementing efficient rail control and signaling solutions is an essential piece of the puzzle. The development of these software-based systems is critical in rail transport projects. Delays in delivery, acceptance and safety approvals add up to [...]

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The need for digital twins in rail control projects

When it comes to unlocking future growth in the rail sector and beyond, advancing digital transformation is high on the European Union’s agenda. One of the keys to making this happen is the uptake of new fundamental technologies such as digital twins. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of digital twins in rail control projects, [...]

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Formal verification tools certified for rail control

We are happy to announce that Prover Certifier has received its CENELEC EN 50128, tool class T2 certification from TÜV Nord! Prover is the leading provider of formal verification solutions for automation of safety verification and assessment tasks for rail control software. The formal verification tool PSL uses mathematical algorithms to prove, with 100 [...]

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The CBTC User Group – discussing the CBTC signaling systems of today and tomorrow

Together with the metros of Copenhagen (Metroselskabet, MS), New York City (New York City Transit, NYCT) and Stockholm (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, SL), Prover has founded the CBTC user’s group to share experiences and best practices in the area of Communication-Based Train Control systems (CBTC). The inaugural digital meeting was held on March 11, with presentations [...]

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New webinar on Signaling Design Automation

Prover is strengthening its Signaling Design Automation solution with the introduction of the software Prover Studio. Prover Studio is a logic editor which increases the efficiency when formalizing specifications, the first step in our Prover Trident process. We have developed a new webinar series that will present the complete process from specification to revenue [...]

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Verification of Safety Requirements

There are two main kinds of accidents that are worth worrying about: collisions and derailments. An interlocking is safe if it prevents such accidents from happening. Of course, an interlocking cannot provide 100% prevention as long as human operators are taking an active part of the operation. But the interlocking can and will make [...]

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PSL – Best-in Class Formal Verification Performance

Our model checker PSL has taken significant performance leaps compared to its predecessors and previous generations, for many applications lack of performance (i.e. long running times) of the verification tools is no longer a viable argument against using formal verification. Recent evaluations performed by our customers confirms that the current PSL not only outperforms [...]

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Why the railway industry needs to modernize its methods of safety assurance

For the next big advancement in the development of faster and more efficient transportation, the railway industry has to go through a digital transformation. For this, safety is critical. The solution? New, more efficient verification methods. Perhaps the most apparent safety verification method is testing, and indeed, it is still the backbone of [...]

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Increased railway safety using signaling design automation

In this, the third and final, blog post on Signal Design Automation we will look at how Formal Verification and automation are used at Stockholm Metro to increase railway safety. The rail-based public transport system in Stockholm, Sweden is relatively complex and diverse with a combination of subway, light rail and heavy rail. It also [...]

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