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Jesper Carlström is VP Engineering at Prover, managing services and product development.

LCF – For data exchange between humans and machines

Last week we gave away our innovation Layout Configuration Format (LCF), to help infrastructure managers transition from drawings to structured data. You will find the specification on HAL. Rail and metro managers all over the world are currently struggling with the same challenge: to move from a drawing-oriented view of data to a modern approach [...]

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Introducing Prover Studio

I am proud to present Prover Studio, an integrated development environment for formal specifications. I must admit, we should have done this years ago. It’s astonishing really that we did not. Here is the story. We established the concept of Prover Trident quite some time ago. The idea is simple: divide signaling software production in [...]

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Major releases of PSL and Prover iLock

We are proud to present new major versions of two of our most important products! Thanks to all of you who provided us with feedback about your project needs. We are determined to always improve our solutions and to be the obvious choice for everyone who wants to automate their processes. PSL 4 – model [...]

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Formal Verification Performance Jump

We are starting to receive customer feedback about our model checker PSL. Truly exciting reading!      “Our proof time has decreased by 12 times on average” one customer said. The comparison was made with the old model checker Tecla. Another customer reported:      “7 times faster on average” and when they tried our [...]

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Interlocking Design Automation at Suburban line Roslagsbanan

With the opening of Roslags Näsby on December 10, we proudly conclude that we contributed to 10 interlockings so far with auto-generated programs in service. At Roslags Näsby, Roslagsbanan forks into two branches, which makes the station a bit more involved than the average, with 14 switches. The project of auto-generating programs for Roslagsbanan with [...]

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Prover sponsor of Logic in Stockholm 2017

For those of us who like mathematical logic, there is a series of logic events in Stockholm this summer. It is an excellent opportunity to meet inspiring people and see where formal logic is heading today. Both the traditional Logic Colloquium and the 25th annual conference Computer Science Logic will take place in Stockholm, together [...]

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