IKOS Consulting & Prover Technology join forces

We are pleased to announce that IKOS Consulting & Prover Technology join forces to meet customer demand for Automated Development of Rail Control Systems. Innovative transport systems require a higher level of automation and safety. PROVER addresses these challenges with its "Prover Trident" and "Prover Certifier" solutions, which enable the cost-efficient development of safe railway [...]

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New Concepts and Competencies needed to meet Future Demand in the Railway Industry

It is clear that there is a trend in the railway industry towards using modern tools and concepts for developing signaling solutions. Most interlocking system projects today are developed with the following characteristics: Errors are found late Late changes are costly Schedules to deliver interlocking software are long and unpredictable There is a need to [...]

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Interlocking Design Automation at Suburban line Roslagsbanan

With the opening of Roslags Näsby on December 10, we proudly conclude that we contributed to 10 interlockings so far with auto-generated programs in service. At Roslags Näsby, Roslagsbanan forks into two branches, which makes the station a bit more involved than the average, with 14 switches. The project of auto-generating programs for Roslagsbanan with [...]

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Prover proud member of UNIFE

UNIFE is an organization for the European rail industry, the Association gathers over 100 of Europe’s leading rail supply companies and it also brings together 14 national rail industry associations of European countries. UNIFE members have an 84% market share in Europe and supply 46% of the worldwide production of rail equipment and services. UNIFE [...]

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Prover sponsor of Logic in Stockholm 2017

For those of us who like mathematical logic, there is a series of logic events in Stockholm this summer. It is an excellent opportunity to meet inspiring people and see where formal logic is heading today. Both the traditional Logic Colloquium and the 25th annual conference Computer Science Logic will take place in Stockholm, together [...]

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Shift2Rail – the initiative for Formal Methods and Standard Interfaces

Formal methods and standard interfaces will be the topic of a work package within the European Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint Undertaking, which includes all major European signalling system suppliers and a number of infrastructure managers. This work package is led by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), who is a founding member of Shift2Rail. Prover is proud [...]

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We are looking for Developers!

Are you talented, ambitious and enthusiastic? Do you want to contribute to a sustainable and safe world? Then keep on reading! We are now looking for Developers that demonstrated an interest in advanced techniques such as formal methods, logic, parsers, formal specifications or similar, either by having a MA/PhD degree, or by having done similar [...]

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United Rail new Partner in North America

United Rail, Inc. announces a new agreement with Prover Technology to represent their products and solutions to new clients in the North American freight, passenger and mass transit markets. Jacksonville, Florida, November, 2016 United Rail, Inc. announces a new agreement with Prover Technology to represent their products and solutions to new clients in the North [...]

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