Why Formal Verification – Verifying Safety Requirements on Railway Systems

The subject I am going to write about this time is not an easy one. I will try to explain why formal verification is good. In particular, why it is a good practice to use formal verification when verifying safety requirements on railway systems. The Verification Problem In order to make a convincing argument, I [...]

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Floating Point Model Checking

We at Prover are very happy to announce the release of version 4.0 of our model checker Prover SL CE (PSL). The most interesting new feature is support for IEEE 754 floating point calculations, so I will dedicate this technical blog post to floats with a concrete example of a floating point system which we [...]

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CASCO Signal Ltd. licenses Formal Verification solution from Prover Technology

We are happy to announce that CASCO Signal Ltd. (CASCO) and Prover Technology (Prover) have entered into a long-term agreement for the supply of Prover’s Signal Design Automation product suite Prover Trident. The initial focus is to further strengthen CASCO’s position as a leading supplier of signaling systems for China’s railway segment, by the use [...]

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Save the date – SDA Forum in Shanghai Nov 6

2017 an idea was born at Prover Technology, we wanted to create a forum for sharing experiences and best practices, and for networking. Our intention was to gather leading signaling management peers from all over the world to discuss the latest evolutions of design automation and formal verification– software technologies to automate design and verification [...]

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