Introducing Prover Studio

I am proud to present Prover Studio, an integrated development environment for formal specifications. I must admit, we should have done this years ago. It’s astonishing really that we did not. Here is the story. We established the concept of Prover Trident quite some time ago. The idea is simple: divide signaling software production in [...]

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New webinar on Signaling Design Automation

Prover is strengthening its Signaling Design Automation solution with the introduction of the software Prover Studio. Prover Studio is a logic editor which increases the efficiency when formalizing specifications, the first step in our Prover Trident process. We have developed a new webinar series that will present the complete process from specification to revenue [...]

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Major releases of PSL and Prover iLock

We are proud to present new major versions of two of our most important products! Thanks to all of you who provided us with feedback about your project needs. We are determined to always improve our solutions and to be the obvious choice for everyone who wants to automate their processes. PSL 4 – model [...]

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Floating Point Model Checking

We at Prover are very happy to announce the release of version 4.0 of our model checker Prover SL CE (PSL). The most interesting new feature is support for IEEE 754 floating point calculations, so I will dedicate this technical blog post to floats with a concrete example of a floating point system which we [...]

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AI-powered Proof Tactics Pay Off

Our model checker Prover SL CE (PSL) is getting a lot faster thanks to artificial intelligence techniques (AI)! We are now able to solve some of the hardest benchmarks in our suite in half the time, and in some cases even 10 times faster! In fact, we are not only getting faster but also more [...]

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Formal Verification Performance Jump

We are starting to receive customer feedback about our model checker PSL. Truly exciting reading!      “Our proof time has decreased by 12 times on average” one customer said. The comparison was made with the old model checker Tecla. Another customer reported:      “7 times faster on average” and when they tried our [...]

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