The need for digital twins in rail control projects

When it comes to unlocking future growth in the rail sector and beyond, advancing digital transformation is high on the European Union’s agenda. One of the keys to making this happen is the uptake of new fundamental technologies such as digital twins. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of digital twins in rail control projects, [...]

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The Key to a Successful Rail Control Project

Despite exciting technological advancements, carrying out a successful rail control project today remains a complex burden with a multitude of challenges for both infrastructure managers and suppliers. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at the underlying issues and discuss how implementing Signal Design Automation can help you eliminate inefficiencies and costly errors—and finally gain [...]

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Increased railway safety using signaling design automation

In this, the third and final, blog post on Signal Design Automation we will look at how Formal Verification and automation are used at Stockholm Metro to increase railway safety. The rail-based public transport system in Stockholm, Sweden is relatively complex and diverse with a combination of subway, light rail and heavy rail. It also [...]

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Automated Signaling Systems Design using Prover Trident

In our previous blog post, we looked at some of the challenges commonly faced in delivery of rail control projects and proposed a remedy: the use of detailed and clear requirement specifications that enables automated development and more efficient safety verification. We will now take a closer look at this process for signaling systems design [...]

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More efficient rail control projects using Signaling Design Automation

The delivery of rail control projects often suffers from high costs, unpredictable schedules and delays. Moreover, the life cycle of modern, computerized, signaling systems is often shorter than those of traditional relay-based systems, with higher maintenance costs. At the same time the need for new, more advanced rail control systems is growing, to optimize the [...]

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New Concepts and Competencies needed to meet Future Demand in the Railway Industry

It is clear that there is a trend in the railway industry towards using modern tools and concepts for developing signaling solutions. Most interlocking system projects today are developed with the following characteristics: Errors are found late Late changes are costly Schedules to deliver interlocking software are long and unpredictable There is a need to [...]

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Challenges in Digitizing Specific Application Configurations

To enjoy the full benefits of Signaling Design Automation, particular care needs to be taken regarding the Specific Application Configuration. Characteristics of Specific Application Configuration Specific Application Configuration (SAC) often involves large amounts of safety critical data organized in an inhomogeneous fashion. Data might be given as scheme plans, control tables, and/or in written documents, [...]

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Considerations for Delivering the Rail Signalling Systems of the Future

The IRSE International Technical Committee recently published an insightful report on Strategic drivers of change in the signalling industry. It includes the perspectives of both the user and supplier side, and gives an excellent summary of the challenges currently faced by the signaling industry. IRSE views the primary technology drivers to be: Continued emphasis on [...]

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The French Rail Sector is Growing

The global rail sector is growing! Its market is estimated at € 113 billion for 2017-2020, with annual growth of +1.5%. France is resisting well and positioning itself as the world's third largest railway market behind Germany and China. The French domestic market increased to € 8.2 billion in 2015-2017. France enjoys a significant reputation [...]

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