This May 21-24th, the 58th annual Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) Communication and Signal (C&S) Exhibition was held in Omaha, Nebraska. The event brought together C&S suppliers from all over the United States, as well as a few from abroad, including Prover Technology. Gunnar Smith and Sarah Brodsky were there to represent Prover as an international presence in the signaling industry.

The annual RSSI C&S Exhibition has always been an exciting opportunity for Prover. It is a chance to come overseas and reconnect with the monumental North American C&S industry. Attending the RSSI exhibition for the past eight years, we naturally encountered many old friends of Prover, as well as made some new.

We primarily focused on presenting Prover’s premiere product: Prover Trident. The prover Trident process is the complete package for interlocking design automation. This tool suite provides formal methods for defining signaling principles (PiSPEC IP), development of specific systems based on its signaling principles and needs (Prover iLock), and sign-off verification of specific systems (Prover Certifier). Within this suite, simulation as well as testing documentation and code generation is of course also included.

We were happy to run into long-standing Class 1 customers such as Canadian Pacific, as well as many new, potential customers from the North American freight industry. It was also nice to grab a coffee from our colleagues at Siemens, say hello to our collaborators at MEN, and give out Swedish candy to passersby.

Next year, the exhibition will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we are already looking forward to getting the chance to visit our C&S colleagues once again in another great North American city.

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