2017 an idea was born at Prover Technology. We wanted to create a forum for sharing experiences, best practices, and for networking. Our intention was to gather leading signaling management peers from all over the world to discuss the latest evolutions of design automation and formal verification– software technologies to automate design and verification of railway signaling systems.

With this in mind we established the SDA Forum. The first conference was hosted by Prover in Stockholm the 15th of May 2018.  After the success in Stockholm we decided to do it again, this time in Shanghai, the 6th of November 2019.

We are happy by the interest and the engagement shown during these conferences. The interest has exceeded our expectations. We have had attendees from leading infrastructure managers, suppliers, and engineering firms from all over the world, sharing experiences, being inspired and networked.

So we decided to do it again. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event was postponed. The SDA Forum 2021 will be hosted by Prover Technology in Paris, France, the 23rd of March. This time the theme of the forum will be Formal Verification.

You can sign up for more information here. We hope to meet you in Paris this spring!

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