The SDA Forum has a history of success, and this autumn, our objective is to once again exceed your expectations.

Our journey began with the inaugural conference hosted by Prover in Stockholm in 2018. Following its success, we ventured to Shanghai in 2019 and Paris in 2021. Now, we’re excited to announce that this year, we’re returning to Paris on October 17th.

This year’s forum is all about harnessing the power of Formal Methods and Digital Twins to automate simulation, safety verification, and design automation for critical signaling systems. Prover blazed the trail in the 1990s by pioneering the use of formal methods in railway signaling. This marked one of the early instances of employing digital twins to describe system properties, essentially creating a digital model of systems. Over time, the concept of the digital twin has evolved, with formal models serving as the foundation for specifying and developing systems.

We anticipate that recent advancements in AI will play an increasingly prominent role in expediting and cost-effectively developing signaling software with a focus on safety assurance. Discover how these cutting-edge technologies are being leveraged by leading infrastructure managers and suppliers in our industry.

Past conferences have attracted leading infrastructure managers, suppliers, and engineering firms from across the globe, fostering an environment for sharing insights, finding inspiration, and networking. We deeply appreciate the interest and engagement displayed in previous conferences, and once again, we are determined to surpass expectations.

We are really looking forward to discussing these subjects with all of you, on the 17th of October 2023 in Paris.

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Anders Lindén
CEO at Prover

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