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Generic Application Engineering with PiSPEC

In this three-week program, engineers will learn how to develop, review, and maintain formal specifications using PiSPEC. Class room sessions are spread over three months, in order for students to have the opportunity to practice and reinforce their skills.

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Who should attend?

Engineers who shall work with formal specification, in particular for interlocking systems.


  • Prover Certified Specific Application Engineer.
  • Basic knowledge about railway signaling concepts such as switches (points), signals, track circuits, routes, flank protection and front protection.
  • Experience in object-oriented software development or predicate logic will be beneficial.

Course information

12 days spread over a three-month period.

English or swedish

Classroom setting at. Location TBD.

Prover Certified Generic Application Engineer (CGAE)


What you will learn

  • How to specify an object model for a generic application (which physical and virtual objects exist, how they can be parametrized and what inputs/outputs they have)

  • How to specify a Generic Application Configuration (telling how the system shall be configured)

  • How to make a Generic Design Specification (telling how the interlocking objects shall behave)

  • How to make a Generic Test Specification (telling how the system shall be tested)

  • How to make a Generic Safety Specification (telling which safety properties must be fulfilled by the system)

Course leader
Gunnar Smith Prover

Gunnar Smith
VP Sales, Prover


Yes please, contact me!