Specific Application Engineering with Prover iLock

In this four-day training program engineers will learn how to code, simulate and formally verify signaling applications using Prover iLock.

It is a practical hands-on training session that introduces formal techniques and PiSPEC, and gives in-depth knowledge of the Prover iLock software tool.

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Who should attend?

Anyone curious to learn more about signaling design automation tools.


Basic signaling engineering experience

Course information

4 days 50/50 theory/practice (32 hours)

English or swedish

Classroom setting at. Location TBD.

Prover Certified Specific Application Engineer (CSAE)


What you will learn

  • Overview of the Prover Trident process and the program Prover iLock

  • The concept of formal generic specifications

  • Generating code with Prover iLock

  • Simulating with Prover iLock (interactive and scripted)

  • Formally verifying with Prover iLock

  • Generating documentation with Prover iLock

Course leader
Gunnar Smith Prover

Gunnar Smith
VP Sales, Prover


Yes please, contact me!