The digitalized railway signaling systems of today are becoming increasingly complex with more and more functionality added to make better use of the existing infrastructure, while maintaining the highest level of safety. This also means that the task of assessing the safety and function of these system becomes more and more complex and often constitutes a significant part of the overall development costs.

We have created a white paper where we look at a state of the art solution for automating a significant part of these verification and validation tasks, and see how this solution has been applied to signaling systems in PTC and CBTC environments around the globe.

The basis for this solution is having requirement specifications that captures the signaling rules in a formalized way, enabling automated processing by computer programs. With this in place, we show that the effort for verifying the safety and validating the critical functionality of a signaling system can be reduced to a simple configuration task. This will reduce workload and the safety for modern railroads.

If you want to study the white paper you can download it here.

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