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Reduce Efforts spent on Software Development, Maintenance and Safety Certification

Signaling design automation

To successfully deliver a modern train control solution, the traditional narrative for development and safety assessment of such systems must be abandoned. Traditional methods are too labour-intensive and time-consuming to meet the infrastructure managers objectives and schedule of today and guarantee safety.

Infrastructure suppliers can become a lot more efficient and deliver better long term solutions for signaling control using a new concept.

Increased demand from infrastructure managers

The processes by which new products and systems are approved for revenue service are critical for success. There is an increasing demand from infrastructure managers on the use of software-automated creation of safety evidence based on mathematical proof, to dramatically reduce the effort and calendar time required for safety assessment and certification of sub systems. You need a new concept for digital train control that can deliver a generic method for efficient and reliable creation of safety cases, reducing the work required to establish the safety evidence for each implementation to a minimum.

Challenges with traditional methods

Traditional safety assessment carried out by signalling specialists constitute a resource bottleneck and source of uncertainty, due to differing interpretations of what is required, creating significant risks for cost increase and schedule delay.

Several benefits with digital train control

And why stop at automated safety certification? There are tools for automating large portions of the entire development process, covering also code generation, functional testing and documentation. This is mature technology that is commercially available and once non-recurring engineering work has been completed, generation of a specific interlocking, including testing and proof-based safety evidence creation, can be completed in just one day. This is significantly more efficient than traditional methods, which often consume calendar months or years to accomplish the same result.

New concept for digital train control

If you want to learn more and compare a modern concept with existing solutions for signaling control you can find more information here.

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Solutions for digital train control

Prover provide software automation solutions for digital train control that reduce time to market with maintained or improved safety.

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