Project Description


Developing Specifications
with Digital Twins

How to get your rail control project off to a better start

Advancing the digital transformation is the key to meeting demands for efficient rail transportation, and one important enabler of this is the uptake of new fundamental technologies such as digital twins. In this guide, we focus on how the specification phase of rail control projects can be improved by using formal methods and digital twins.

Getting the specifications right from the start, already at the tendering phase, will help you avoid costly specification missteps and, ultimately, carry out a more successful rail control project.

We will run through the basics of how you, as an infrastructure manager or system buyer, can use formal methods and digital twins to simplify the requirement specification phase and generate the high-quality specifications you need to accomplish your system goals and get your rail control project off to a better start.

Finally, we will put all our learnings in perspective with a real-life example.

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