Project Description


How to Develop Rail Control Software
with Signaling Design Automation
and Digital Twins

There is an easier route to rail control software development

In the endeavor to develop rail control software that meets demands for efficient rail transportation, many of today’s infrastructure managers find themselves impeded by a number of frustrating roadblocks.

These include long and unpredictable schedules, a general lack of control over systems, and dominant industry issues such as the current oligopoly of system suppliers.

As overwhelming as they may be, there is a solution that you as an infrastructure manager can use to overcome them and finally take control over your rail control software development projects.

That solution is Signaling Design Automation (SDA) and Digital Twins, and they make it easier to procure, develop and maintain your system software while remaining adaptable to future possibilities.

In this guide, we will run through the basics of how you, as an infrastructure manager, can use SDA and Digital Twins to develop rail control software. You will learn about the advantages of using these tools and how to use them in practice to gain the benefits in your software project.

Finally, we will put all of our learnings into perspective with a real-life case study example, and then provide you with some recommendations you can move forward with.

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