Meeting – 1:1 Interlocking Design Automation inspiration workshop2018-03-13T14:40:05+00:00

Project Description

Interlocking Design Automation (IDeA) inspiration workshop

The challenges of modern rail control and how to overcome them

World-wide demand for rail transport capacity and interoperability is increasing, in particular in densely populated areas. This demand is met by introducing more advanced rail control and signaling systems on existing infrastructure, such as CBTC for urban metros and ERTMS for European railways. These systems are in some aspects more advanced than existing rail control systems, and they are time consuming and expensive to procure, develop and commission.

We offer you the ability to book a 1:1 inspiration workshop. During this workshop we will do the following:

  • Present the demand that is driving the need for change for interlocking design
  • The root causes for why we have a challenging situation today
  • The new future process for Interlocking Design Automation
  • The benefits that this will deliver
  • Give you an overall road map for how you can change your organisation towards a modern solution based on your current situation.

We will deliver this as a 1.5 – 2 hour web or face-to-face meeting with your key personel.

Send in a request for a meeting by filling out the form.