Project Description

Modular Signalling, UK

Reduce Cost and Harmonize Interlocking System Principles across Installations

In this project Prover Technology worked with Siemens UK (formerly Invensys Rail) on generation and checking of Westrace Mk II interlocking software for Network Rail’s Modular Signaling, whose purpose was to reduce the cost per Signaling Equivalent Unit (SEU), and to harmonize interlocking system principles across installations.

The Modular signaling principles were defined in collaboration with Siemens, separating specification of design, safety and test requirements.

The resulting solution based on Prover iLock and formalized signaling principles provided a rapid and successful development of specific applications; all safety requirements could be proved using formal verification, and all test cases were successfully simulated on the engineering desktop. After generating code for Westrace Mk II, all test cases from the desktop simulation could be exported and successfully run against the target hardware. The solution for Modular Signaling was successfully demonstrated to Network Rail as part of the Network Rail GRIP4 development stage.

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