Project Description

Solutions Manager

Job Description

As the Solutions manager at Prover you will be in charge of project delivery within our professional expert services department Solutions. You have the overall responsibility for the company’s department Solutions, which primarily works for customers in projects.

Solutions deliver expert services to customers, including off-the-shelf solutions and support. The responsibility includes meeting agreed-upon user requirements and to track costs and quality of results, from project inception to project closure.

The Solutions Manager is responsible for maintaining an organization with expert know-how of how to use the company’s software products. This requires a thorough understanding of the customer perspective, and how projects delivered by Solutions add value to the customer. Adding value to the customer is a process that changes over time, and the Solutions Manager has a responsibility to continuously improve how Solutions work. This includes customer relationships, project costs, quality of results, and collaboration with R&D with respect to product development plans.

The Solutions Manager is also responsible for contributing know-how and staff to assist the company’s sales and marketing activities. This includes recommendations, answers and technical proposals to tenders, seminars, presentations and white papers. The Solutions Manager reports to Prover’s Chief Product Officer.

Tasks include the following, but related tasks might also be assigned to the Solutions manager. Prover is a small company, and we help each other when needed.

Managing our Solutions teams:

  • Regular contact with the team leaders and sometimes with individual staff
  • Ensuring good communication within Solutions
  • Developing competence, productivity and wellbeing of staff
  • Setting goals and conducting performance evaluation of staff
  • Recruiting and onboarding of new staff
  • Negotiating salaries and working conditions
  • Approving expenses
Project directing:
  • Leading the global planning of projects, including leading planning sessions in the beginning of each sprint
  • Allocating resources and making priorities when resources are insufficient
  • Appointing project managers, monitor project progress and follow up results of projects
  • Participating in steering groups together with customer representatives
  • Improving project processes to increase quality and profitability and to reduce risk

Accounting and other financial aspects:

  • Invoicing monthly in collaboration with our accounting department
  • Monthly valuation of work in progress as input to our accounting department
  • Providing the management team with updated forecasts every week

Quality assurance:

  • Establishing and improving policies and guidelines for Solutions
  • Making sure Solutions works in compliance with regulatory and intellectual property requirements and the Quality Management System in general
  • Maintaining our ISO 9001 certification with respect to Solutions


  • Internal: organize seminars and tutorials. Keeping up-to-date with respect to plans and on-going activities within the company, including communication with VP of Sales, the CTO and other stakeholders
  • External: webinars, white papers, blog posts, success stories

Skills & Requirements

You have good management skills, and preferably some years of management experience. Solutions currently has 16 members divided in three teams. We foresee a need to double the staff within a couple of years.

You are proficient in English as well of either Swedish or French, as you will manage staff in both Sweden and France.

You have good understanding of the domains of rail and metro and a large network within the domain.

You have experience of various signaling principles for rail and metro.

You work in a structured way and is good at administrative tasks, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel, which we use to do long-term planning, prepare budgets et cetera.

Please send your application before October 7, in English to