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Establishing safety with Formal Verification

Watch our digital event where we discuss the state of railway safety verification

Safety is critical for the railway industry. The whole industry needs to transform using digital techniques. The speed and effectiveness of rail transport must increase. This puts a lot of pressure on new, more efficient safety verification methods.

Formal verification is a method that is getting more and more acknowledgement in the railway industry as a method for verifying safety. To be able to use formal verification effectively modern tools need to be used for defining requirements, develop code and verify that safety is established.

During this recorded webinar we will give you:

  • The need for Formal Verification
  • How to do Formal Verification
  • Answers on many important questions focusing on how to implement Formal Verification


1. The need for Formal Verification
– Gunnar Smith

2. How to do Formal Verification
– Daniel Fredholm

3. Q&A
– Gunnar Smith, Daniel Fredholm

Length: approx. 1 hour

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Meet our speakers

Gunnar Smith
Gunnar Smith
Gunnar Smith has been working on development of Formal Methods tools and their application in the railway domain for 20 years. He has a MSc in computer science.
Daniel Fredholm
Daniel Fredholm
Daniel Fredholm has been working with Formal Verification in railways for over 20 years. He has a PhD in mathematical logic.