Project Description


How to guarantee safety
of rail control systems
with formal verification

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Safety approval and safety verification are critical activities in any rail control project. Traditionally, many of the related tasks, such as manual reviews of documentation and testing, are carried out at a late stage in the projects, where delays significantly impact the overall project schedule.

It is costly to address any issues discovered. The highly experienced staff who can perform these tasks is often a bottleneck resource in the projects. The solution is to consider safety, and how it is demonstrated, from the start of the projects, and to use more automation throughout the verification process.

In this webinar, you will learn how this can be achieved using formal verification, a technique based on mathematics, that gives 100 % coverage and can be fully automated.


1. What is formal verification and why do we need it

2. How does it impact the verification and validation process and safety approval in a rail control project

3. Examples where it has been used successfully to demonstrate safety

4. Recommendations and considerations for the implementation process

Length: approx. 1 hour

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