Project Description


New Training Program regarding Formal Methods and Formal Verification

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We at Prover are happy to announce that we have launched a training and certification program regarding Formal Methods in general and Formal Verification in particular.

After we conducted our Interlocking Design Automation survey during the spring of 2018 and also held our event, Signaling Design Automation Forum in May 2018, we saw that there is a demand for these types of training programs as well as for a certification program to ensure that engineers have the right skills.

We will go through

Specific Application Engineering training program

  • This is a course about how to do signaling design automation in practice. We do that using Prover iLock, assuming that it has been loaded with Generic Application logic (there is a separate course for Generic Application Engineering).
  • Useful hands-on training if you plan to use Prover iLock, or if you simply want to see how smooth signaling design automation can be made using good tools support such as built-in simulation and formal verification.
  • You need some general railway signaling experience to attend this course

Generic Application Engineering training program

  • The natural continuation about how to specify signaling principles formally in a logic language
  • Useful if you want to learn formal specification or get an insight in formal methods in general
  • You need to be familiar with Prover iLock Specific Application Engineering to attend this course

Formal verification training program

  • An in-depth study of formal verification as a way to find errors that are almost impossible to find by testing.
  • Useful if you want to be able to specify safety requirements in a logic language, or use formal verification as a debugging tool
  • You need general railway signaling experience to attend this course

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