Project Description


The Prover iLock Process

Significant savings with the Prover iLock Process

Prover iLock is a tool suite that automates software development of computerized interlocking systems. New CENELEC SIL-4 certifiable interlocking systems can be produced in a few days, saving significant development resources.

Using a traditional development process, every interlocking system requires significant engineering effort. The underlying signalling principles may be the same for a whole family of interlocking systems, but each system is nevertheless programmed individually to obtain a suitable adaption to the station it is supposed to control. Reuse of code from system to system is limited to copy-and-paste techniques with manual alteration, often introducing programming errors.

In the Prover iLock process, up-front effort is spent on specifying the underlying signalling principles themselves and formalizing them; thereafter the individual interlocking systems are automatically generated, simulated and verified by the push of a button. The initial investment pays off quickly: break-even occurs when a handful of interlocking systems have been developed.

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