Formal Development

Prover iLock®

Prover iLock is a desktop tool for producing fully documented, tested and verified application software for railway interlocking systems. Ready for compilation and installation on the target platform.

Prover iLock has been used in many projects around the world. It can be used as a modeling tool for the production of digital twins, as well as for code generation of signaling systems control software. It has been used for the creation of signaling systems code meeting the highest safety requirements according to CENELEC EN50128 SIL4.

Prover iLock is one of three parts of the Prover Trident concept, a complete development process for development and verification of signaling systems.

Prover iLock

About Prover iLock®

Given the signaling rules captured in a PiSPEC specification and the configuration of a specific interlocking, Prover iLock instantiates the requirements for the configured application.

Turn the instantiated requirements into revenue service code
Formally verify that the code meets the safety requirements
Test the functionality using simulation
Document the application and produce test instructions for installation testing

Prover iLock® consists of the following
software modules


Prover’s innovative solution bring benefits to many types of Rail Control Projects.

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