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File Integrity

Prover Summit®

Your way to ensure that no one makes unnoted changes to approved documents, drawings or programs.

You might need Prover Summit if you use external reviewers or testers who cannot directly access your configuration management system. In such cases there is a risk that confusion arises about which version was actually reviewed or tested. By adding a file of checksums as attachment to the report, it is always possible to check that the right versions were used when the review or testing activities were performed.

About Prover Summit®

An integrity checker that allows you to check that a set of files did not change.

You can use it to ensure that the files you are about to use are exactly the ones that have been approved at an earlier step in the process.

If you have a set of files, you can create checksums for them and save the checksums to a special checksums file.

A colleague can open the checksums file and verify that the files they have are unaltered compared to what you had.

The most popular use is for safety reviewers and testers to note in a protocol the checksums of all files they worked with, which allows an assessor to confirm that the right version has been approved.

Prover Summit can monitor your files continuously. Whenever a file is changed, you see it immediately.


Prover’s innovative solution bring benefits to many types of Rail Control Projects.

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