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We have successfully Delivered Solutions to Railways around the World

Prover interlocking design solutions deployed globally

Prover has successfully delivered solutions for interlocking design automation to railway infrastructure managers around the world, including metros of Paris, New York and Stockholm, freight railways in Canada, mainline railways in Sweden and China, and light railway/commuter railways in New York and Stockholm. These are examples deployments of Prover’s interlocking design automation solutions.

The projects range from full Prover Trident solutions to delivery of tools for formal verification, sign-off verification according to CENELEC SIL-4, simulation and test sheet generation. Prover’s offering covers all aspect of interlocking design automation.

Below are presentations of some of the projects where Prover’s solutions  have been deployed.  The reference cases states purpose of the projects, target environment and solutions delivered.


SL, Stockholm

In this project, Prover Technology provides the Prover Trident solution to Ansaldo STS, for development and safety approval of interlocking software for Roslagsbanan, a mainline railway line that connects...


NYCT, New York

New York City Transit (NYCT) is modernizing the signaling system in its subway by installing CBTC and replacing relay-based interlockings with computerized, solid state interlockings (SSIs).


RATP, Paris

In this project Prover Technology collaborated with RATP in creating a formal verification solution to meet RATP demand for safety verification of interlocking software. RATP had selected a computerized...


Canadian Pacific

Class I freight railroad Canadian Pacific (CP) is increasing capacity and consistency in their design and test of interlocking software by using automation tools. In 2010, CP introduced automated...


Stockholm Central

Stockholm Central and adjacent interlocking systems are based on electro-mechanical relay technology. Swedish Rail requires that the safety of changes made to these interlocking systems is verified using...


ERTMS L2, Sweden

In this project, Ansaldo STS delivers the wayside systems to Trafikverket’s ERTMS Level 2 project ESTER, including a new computerized interlocking system. Trafikverket requires that their...


Bane NOR, Norway

In projects for Jernbaneverket’s Nordlandsbanen line, the Ganddal freight terminal and the double track Sandnes-Stavanger, Prover Technology provided turnkey services for safety...


Infrabel, Belgium

In this project, Prover Technology provided tools and services to help Infrabel increase the quality of requirement specifications for tendering of level crossing systems. Infrabel was preparing to replace...


Qinghai Tibet, China

As part of a project for the Ministry of Railways of the People’s Republic of China, GE Transportation supplied 20+ interlocking systems for the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Prover Technology joined this project...


Light-rail, Stockholm

In this project, Prover Technology provided interlocking software to GE under a turn-key supply. The purpose was to reduce the calendar time required to develop, validate and verify interlocking software...


Modular Signalling, UK

Prover Technology worked with Siemens UK (formerly Invensys Rail) on generation and checking of Westrace Mk II interlocking software for Network Rail’s Modular Signaling...