There is a need for a modern approach if infrastructure managers are going to keep up with the future demand. Capacity must increase, preferably fast and cost efficient, and be delivered with a high service level to meet the demand of the future traveler.

In the article Is ‘outside-the-box’ thinking enough to implement new rail technologies?, written by Rebeka Sellick, Head of Rail at TRL, Rebeka discusses innovations in rail and whether simply thinking ‘outside-the-box’ is enough to truly move forward with implementing new rail technologies.
One of examples that Rebeka mentions is regarding our own product; Prover Certifier.

“Automation of classic processes (which combine expertise, experience and limited computational routines) has been successful in building confidence to overcome the critical initial acceptance barriers to innovation. For example, Siemens has automated signal interlocking proving SIL4 verification based on machine learning outputs has been achieved, paving the way for Prover Certifier sign-off within a day rather than months.”

Innovation is the way forward if the railway industry are going to keep up with our more and more digital world. Traditional methods are too labour-intensive and time-consuming to meet the infrastructure managers objectives and schedule of today and guarantee safety.

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