Formal Verification – Why? and How?

When commissioning a rail control system, it goes without saying that establishing safety, that the system does not allow any unsafe behavior, is one of the most important activities. That activity can be thought of being made up of three stages:

1. Establish a complete set of safety requirements, or signaling principles
2. Implement the system using those requirements.
3. Verify that the implemented system fulfills the requirements.

In this webinar, we will focus on step 3, the verification step. The traditional methods for safety verification are combinations of testing and manual review. We will talk about formal verification, a verification method that uses mathematical proofs to establish that the implemented system fulfills the safety requirements.

  • What is formal verification

  • How is formal verification done

  • How does formal verification compare to traditional verification methods

  • Recommendations and considerations for using formal verification

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Daniel Fredholm Prover

Daniel Fredholm
Senior Consultant, Prover

Sara El Mennaoui Prover

Sara El Mennaoui
Formal Methods Expert, Prover