The HLL Forum meeting we had in December decided to let a subgroup work on a new language definition meeting emerging needs in the market. Some of us in this subgroup compete as software tool providers, however we share the vision of a standard language definition, and we strongly believe that the users of HLL would benefit from such a standard.

The next version of HLL

It was a pleasure to work together with colleagues and competitors on finding a common ground for the next version of HLL. Prover gathered proposals from contributing stake holders, and based on this put forward a proposal that was presented in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Already during the meeting most of the proposal was accepted, the remainders have now converged after constructive collaboration. Prover is currently compiling a modified proposal that we expect all stake holders to be able to agree on.

Technical negotiations like this are indeed complicated, but it has been a very constructive dialogue driven by a joint vision. I think we have been able to prove that we can work together for the benefit of all users in the industry. This has been an important step for the HLL Forum on its endeavor towards making HLL a standard formal language. With such a standard, HLL will be the obvious choice for everyone who wants to do formal verification.

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