Formal Verification with Prover iLock and Prover Certifier

In this training program engineers will learn the process of formal verification and how to use Prover iLock to investigate problems found using formal verification. Sign-off verification using the languages HLL and LCF with Prover Certifier is also covered.

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Who should attend?

Anyone involved in verifying safety and signaling applications in organizations who use or consider using formal verification.


Basic signaling engineering experience

Course information

4 days 50/50 theory/practice (32 hours)

English or swedish

Classroom setting. Location TBD.

Prover Certified Verification Engineer (CVE)


What you will learn

  • Overview of the Prover Trident process
  • Formal specification of safety requirements
  • The modeling language HLL and how it is used in formal verification
  • The configuration data language LCF and how it is used in formal verification
  • Performing formal proofs with Prover iLock and Prover Certifier
  • Investigating problems found using formal verification
Course leader
Gunnar Smith Prover

Gunnar Smith
VP Sales, Prover

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