The global rail sector is growing! Its market is estimated at € 113 billion for 2017-2020, with annual growth of +1.5%. France is resisting well and positioning itself as the world’s third largest railway market behind Germany and China. The French domestic market increased to € 8.2 billion in 2015-2017.

France enjoys a significant reputation in the world thanks to its major industrial players, its expertise, and its technological innovations.

The French market, with large short- and medium-term projects such as the extension of new lines, and the installation of LGV (High Speed ​​Line), is doing well. In particular, the « Ile de France » (Paris & the suburbs) is very dynamic with various
extensions and automation on metro lines 4, 6, 11 and 14, the RER A line, and the “Grand Paris” project.

One of the main challenges for infrastructure managers is to be able to manage the increasing level of complexity of signaling systems. Security is one of the major challenge, in addition to the need for increased capacity, accelerate the commissioning and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

At Prover Technology, we believe that railway digitization is a fundamental step in the development of new signaling systems. You can read more about it in our White Paper – Interlocking Design Automation (IDeA)

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