UNIFE is an organization for the European rail industry, the Association gathers over 100 of Europe’s leading rail supply companies and it also brings together 14 national rail industry associations of European countries. UNIFE members have an 84% market share in Europe and supply 46% of the worldwide production of rail equipment and services. UNIFE advocates its members’ interests at both European and International level – actively promoting EU rail equipment and standards within Europe and abroad.

UNIFE a powerful forum for the railway industry

All segments of the rail industry are represented in UNIFE: system integrators, railway infrastructure supply companies and signalling suppliers to collaborate on common challenges and issues facing the railway supply industry. Our members are committed to providing the best technology to meet the challenges of growing transport volumes and the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. UNIFE and its members also work on the setting of interoperability standards and coordinate EU-funded research projects that aim at the technical harmonisation of railway systems.

Prover and UNIFE

Prover was ratified as a member at UNIFE General Assembly in Barcelona last week (June 21-23). Prover will participate actively in UNIFE working groups focusing on interoperability and standards for new modern Signaling and Control Systems, as well as UNIFE SME group.

We consider it an honour to be part of UNIFE and establishing ourselves as one of the thought leaders in the industry.” Says Anders Lindén CEO Prover Technology

UNIFE General Assembly in Barcelona

The meeting was held at World Trade Center in Barcelona June 21-23. There were several inspiring discussions on the railway industry´s challenges. One topic regarded the competition from other new sustainable means of transportation, such as self driving cars and buses.

The railway industry suffers from slow innovation, expensive infra structure and slow deployment of new capacity.

It was a common view at the event that the railway industry needs to increase pace in innovation, increase interoperability, safety and define standards. All these initiatives are important to meet the increase demands on capacity, traveller user experience and cost efficiency.

Prover is determined to be contributing in the evolution of modern rail control solutions with our software automation solutions.

If you want to find out more about Provers work you can find it here. 

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