Prover has taken its next step in addressing the Chinese railway market by establishing a team in Shanghai. This team is delighted to serve this dynamic market and is looking forward to contributing to its continued growth.

One and a half year ago we decided to execute a China market strategy and I am very happy to see that our efforts are now paying off. This is an industry with long-term goals and so is our strategy moving forward in the Chinese market.

In Beijing and Shanghai, we are already working with the leading signaling supplier CASCO Signal Ltd, and we are expecting new projects and further longtime partnerships to follow in the near future. It appears to us that the Chinese market is a very good fit to Prover and our technology.

Railway Market in China is Developing Fast

With the risk of stating the obvious, the Chinese market is immense. For a European, this is almost unfathomable. For instance, in Shanghai, there are well established plans of building 30 new metro lines within the next 5-6 years! This has the implication that Chinese signaling suppliers work under high pressure regarding delivery schedules. This calls for efficiency in the development and verification processes. With safety first, fast and cost-efficient delivery and verification of signaling systems are crucial.

To meet these high demands, the Chinese signaling suppliers have evolved to be among the most efficient in the industry, constantly looking for new ways to increase capacity while maintaining the highest level of safety. Formal Verification is quickly becoming accepted as the method of choice for safety assurance; it is the most cost-efficient way to ensure safety as development processes are automated and streamlined.

For us at Prover, being a long-standing pioneer and leader in the area of Safety Assurance by Formal Verification and Signaling Design Automation, there is a perfect match to the demands in the Chinese market. Our engineers and specialists cannot wait to share with professionals in China the values of state-of-the-art engineering and efficient processes for safety critical systems with Safety First!

We very much look forward to our continued and expanded work in China!

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