If you are involved in designing and safety assessment of signaling systems, then the Signaling Design Automation Forum 2018 is something for you!

Using Design Automation

The conference will be focusing on Design Automation and Formal Methods, where leading Infrastructure Managers and suppliers from around the world (such as RATP, NYCT, SL (Stockholm Metro), Siemens and Ansaldo STS) will share experiences, best practices and state of the art use of technologies and methodologies.

This event is dedicated for signaling management peers to address safety assessment and design automation needs of the railway of the future. Focusing on the perspectives and implementation strategies of suppliers and infrastructure managers, this Forum invites signaling management representatives to foster collaboration, drive standards, and to assist implementation strategies for design automation in railways.

For the future of railway

We at Prover are passionate about digitization of signaling systems and safety assessment. We support the industry to be able to develop cost efficient and safe systems with shorter lead time. Contributing to increased delivery capacity of signaling systems to meet the growing demand for modern railway transportation.

If you want to learn more about Signaling Design Automation, the SDA Forum will provide an excellent opportunity and also showcase some real life cases on how it has been implemented on some of the biggest railway networks in the world.

Date: 15th of May 2018
Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Sweden.
Cost: € 149 + Swedish VAT due to VAT regulations for events.

Find out more about the event here!

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