Prover have attended the yearly LightRailDay in Aarhus. This year the focus was on safety aspects for City Trams and on the brand-new tram system in Aarhus, as it is the first tram system, or “Letbane” as in Danish.

The conference was supported by the main partners for the Light Rail Day 2017, Stadler, Ansaldo STS, Alpiq, GCF and with great support from Keolis by presenting brilliant speakers from Denmark and Canada. The Canadian speech were held by Peter O´Brian, Operations Director, Keolis Grand River LP, Waterloo Canada and is titled “New LRT in the Canadian Context – Financing, Freight and Frustrations”.

One part of the conference was a tour of the new line, starting in the brand new depo guided by staff from Stadler, and then continued with visits to a number of the stations along the line. The official opening of Aarhus Letbane is planned for the 23’rd of September.
The conference the continued with fruitful speeches held by the City of Aarhus, Aarhus Letbane, Keolis Denmark and Keolis Canada.

For Prover this was a very nurturing conference, which we are happy to have visited and we also want to send congratulations to the City of Aarhus and travelers for its new tram system.

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