SDAF Paris 2023

Signaling Design Automation Forum is an event gathering signaling professionals from the railway industry to share and discuss the latest evolutions on design automation – software technologies to automate design and verification of railway signaling systems. This year’s focus was on the power of Formal Methods and Digital Twins.

SDA forum is a forum for sharing experiences and best practices as well as for networking. We are proud and happy by the interest and the engagement shown during the day by the participants online and onsite.

Recap of SDAF 2023

This is the fifth SDAF conference and in many ways, it turned out to be very successful, with over 100 participants online and onsite from all over the world. It was a full hybrid event. During the day we had several very interesting presentations by e.g. RATP, Alstom, Ansys, Stellantis and Stockholm Public Transport (SL). Some takeaways from the day were:

  • Prover’s Signaling Design Automation Solution: Jesper Carlström, Chief Product Officer at Prover, introduced Prover’s cutting-edge Signaling Design Automation Solution, demonstrating how it’s shaping the future of signaling systems.
  • Formal Methods Guidebook: Arne Borälv, also from Prover, presented a guidebook from Shift2Rail on Formal Methods, shedding light on the methodologies and best practices.
  • Formal Validation Process for PHPI Interlocking: Mohand Meziani of RATP delved into the formal validation process for PHPI interlocking, showcasing the real-world application of these techniques in rail transportation.
  • Proof Technology for Safety-Critical Embedded Software: François-Xavier Dormoy from Ansys explored how Proof technology is contributing to safety assurance in safety-critical embedded software.
  • Promoting Formal Methods: Camille Parillaud from Alstom discussed strategies to promote the adoption of formal methods in the industry.
    Innovation in Infrastructure Ownership: Kristina Löwenberg of Stockholm Public Transport (SL) shared insights on innovation projects as eye-openers, detailing how they are transforming infrastructure management.
  • Enhancing Software Quality in Automotive Embedded Software: Vassil Todorov of Stellantis discussed the application of formal methods to improve software quality and robustness in automotive embedded software development.

Looking Forward to the Future

As we wrap up another successful SDA Forum, we’re excited to see the current effect these discussions will have in our industry. The SDA Forum 2023 was a day filled with networking, new insights, and interesting discussions. It leaves us with a positive feeling about the future of our industry.
The SDA Forum is more than an event; it’s a collaborative journey toward a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future for railway signaling systems. We can’t wait to see what SDA Forum 2024 will bring, as we continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in signaling design automation.
We extend our gratitude to all attendees and speakers who made this day an inspiring and rewarding experience. Thank you all!

Anders Lindén Prover

Anders Lindén
CEO Prover

”Thank you once again for your participation and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing the transformative impact of our collective efforts in the realm of railway signaling systems!”

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