SDA Forum coming up

A few years back we got the idea of creating a forum for sharing experiences, best practices, and for networking. Our intention was to gather leading signaling management peers from all over the world to discuss the latest evolutions of design automation and formal verification technologies to automate design and verification of railway signaling systems.

We established the SDA Forum. The first conference was hosted by Prover in Stockholm 2018. After the success in Stockholm, we decided to do it again, this time in Shanghai, in 2019.

We are truly happy by the interest and the engagement shown during these conferences. It exceeded all our expectations. Amongst our attendees, we have had leading infrastructure managers, suppliers, and engineering firms from all over the world, sharing experiences, being inspired, and networking.

Due to the pandemic, we did not host the event 2020, but now it is time again!

We have seen a significant increased interest in technologies and solutions that automates and digitizes rail control systems. Ranging from formally specifying systems, creating digital twins enabling simulation and verification, to automate the design process and verification. Not only does it save time and costs, but it also increases quality and safety. Reducing manual tasks and on-site testing.

Rail transportation needs to be the backbone of a truly multimodal transportation eco system in the future to meet the climate goals! So, it is up to us in the industry to innovate and commit to support the increased capacity needed in the years to come.

I am really looking forward to discussing these subjects with all of you, on 16 November 2021 in Paris.

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Anders Lindén
CEO at Prover

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