SDA Forum 2022 is coming up

SDA Forum has been a success in the past and our goal is to exceed your expectations this autumn.

The first conference was hosted by Prover in Stockholm 2018. After the success, we’ve been to Shanghai 2019 and Paris 2021. Now it is time to close the circle in Stockholm again, on the 18th of October.

This year’s forum will circle around Digital Twins as a means to get in control of your signalling systems, now and for the future. The use of Digital Twins complements our SDA solution and leverages the use of Formal Methods. Manual methods and document based descriptions will not reveal the unknown relation nor behavior in your systems. Signalling systems are too complicated to describe in text, flowcharts or pictures. The capability to reach common understanding and share knowledge of the system as a whole is key to overcoming today’s increasing demands in the railways.

Our strive to address these challenges are pointing us in the direction of new solutions and collaborations. Railway’s is a shared responsibility and our hope is that we in this forum can share expectations and experience among each other.

Amongst our attendees, we have had leading infrastructure managers, suppliers, and engineering firms from all over the world, sharing experiences, being inspired, and networking. We are truly happy by the interest and the engagement shown during previous conferences and again, let us exceed our expectations!

We are really looking forward to discussing these subjects with all of you, the 18th of October 2022 in Stockholm.

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Anders Lindén
CEO at Prover

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