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Project Description

Business Case Development Meeting

We can help you to develop you business case for an investment in a modern Interlocking Design Automation Solution

Develop your business case for Interlocking Design Automation

To develop a business case for a modern Interlocking design automation solution can be a delicate matter. However, the savings can be up to 30-40% if you manage to implement a modern solution.

We have extensive experience in helping infrastructure managers in developing business cases and we follow some clear and simple steps that will be based on Prover IDeA process.

Send your interest to us and we will set up a remote meeting suitable for you.

During our meeting we will go through the following:

  1. Description of current process; including key tools, resources and skills that are used today.
  2. Description of the systems to be developed, including high level functional requirements, number of systems and their complexity.
  3. Safety approval procedure and any standards that the systems are to comply with.
  4. Expected system lifetime and maintenance requirements.

This meeting will result in a Business case proposition containing cost cut, revenue and investments in order to deliver the desired project.

Send in a request for a meeting.