Prover Trident®

Complete Process and Tool Suite for Interlocking Design Automation

About Prover Trident®

Prover Trident is a complete process and tool suite for interlocking design automation. With numerous applications around the world, Prover Trident is the result of more than 10 years of R&D. Unlike other point tools, Prover Trident covers the whole life-cycle for interlocking software.

Based on signalling principles defined as formal requirements (PiSPEC IP), specific applications are configured, generated and checked using the Prover iLock tool suite. Safety evidence for the revenue service software is based on mathematical proof, generated with the independent sign-off verification tool Prover Certifier.

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Prover Studio

An Integrated Development Environment for Formal Specifications

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Prover iLock®

Development of Specific Systems based on Principles

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Prover Certifier

Sign-off Verification of Specific Systems

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The automated generation and checking of applications based on principles provides:

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Systems with fewer errors
  • Reduced engineering effort
  • Consistent and interoperable system
  • Efficient management of change in requirements/principles

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