Safety, Speed, Savings

Meeting Demand for Today’s more Complex Digital Rail Control

Software Automation Solutions for Rail Control

World-wide demand for rail transport capacity and interoperability is increasing, in urban metro, light-rail and mainline. Railways will meet this demand by installing new, more advanced digital rail control on existing infrastructure, such as

  • CBTC for urban metros
  • ERTMS for European railways
  • Conventional rail control with new functionality

Since safety is always a top priority for rail control, the large demand poses a challenge– traditional methods for safety assessment consume too much time and become a bottleneck, delaying time-to-market and increasing costs.

At Prover we are passionate about helping railways to overcome the challenges of modern rail control. We provide the interlocking design automation  solution Prover Trident, to master the complexity of the heart and brain of modern rail control software based on:

  • strict and automated requirement compliance checking, with mathematically proved safety
  • efficient requirement change during system life-cycle
  • consistent and interoperable systems with standard interfaces

By implementing Prover Trident for creating the software for your digital rail control systems, you will be able to:

  • Implement modern train control faster
  • Sleep well at night because safety has been proved mathematically
  • Handle change in system functionality more efficiently when needed

Interlocking Design Automation

Prover provides software automation solutions that increase the capacity for delivering software for new digital train control with improved safety.


Our Solutions

Meeting the higher demands for capacity is a major challenge for the railway industry. The ability to deliver rail infrastructure both fast and cost-efficiently is a critical success factor. Our solutions are developed for today’s complex digital train control.



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