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Office manager at Prover Technology.

IKOS Consulting & Prover Technology join forces

We are pleased to announce that IKOS Consulting & Prover Technology join forces to meet customer demand for Automated Development of Rail Control Systems. Innovative transport systems require a higher level of automation and safety. PROVER addresses these challenges with its "Prover Trident" and "Prover Certifier" solutions, which enable the cost-efficient development of safe railway [...]

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Transport system 2018-2029 – The Swedish Transport Administrations proposals for National Plans for the Future Railroad

On August 31, 2017, the Swedish Transport Administration's Director General, Lena Erixon, submitted to the Swedish Government the "Proposal for National Transport Planning Plan 2018-2029". Erixon points out that the starting point for this plan has been to work with, and contribute to an efficient, modern and sustainable transport system. This plan represents a financial [...]

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Prover iLock Demo

Prover iLock is a desktop tool for producing fully documented, tested and verified application software for railway interlocking systems, ready for compilation and installation on the target platform. In this demo we will show, in short: Configuration of a new interlocking Interactive and scripted simulation of the resulting signaling system Automatic generation of code for [...]

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Nordic Rail the 10-12th of October

Elmia Nordic Rail is Scandinavia’s main railway exhibition. The trade fair show the latest products, innovations and services. For us at Prover, Nordic Rail lets us get the chance to meet our customers, primarily in the Nordic countries but also many foreign guests who are interested in the Nordic projects. Come and meet us there [...]

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What’s the point of Formal Methods?

Railway signaling systems are surprisingly expensive to produce. Why did this happen? In the early days of railway history there were no interlocking systems. It was considered enough to have personnel at the train stations manually observing trains and operating signals. The need for automatic signalling eventually became evident: human beings tend to make mistakes, [...]

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Demonstration of an Interlocking Design Automation solution

Prover wants to show you how you can manage interlocking design safely and efficiently by using modern methodologies and tools. We have created a demo that will show how to use a modern Interlocking Design Automation solution, i.e. Prover Trident. During the demonstration we walk you through how to create an interlocking application software using [...]

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